Purpose. Passion. Plan.

Compassion, commitment, and service:

these are the characteristics that define my life’s
purpose and work.

It is not merely enough to be concerned about the challenges people experience. Action must be coupled with concern to improve the lives of those we interact with. Sometimes it means listening to people who are finding it difficult to pay their taxes; sometimes it means consoling someone who lost a family member due to senseless violence; other times it means hearing the appeals for better services and recreational activities. I will work to not only listen to your concerns, I will join my empathy with action to get results.


It is also true that even those who are working to find solutions to various challenges are met with obstacles and setbacks. It’s in those situations when commitment is needed to accomplish these goals. Work has to be carried out until the end. That’s why I will be committed to the people of Mount Vernon to get the work done. But I can’t do it alone: I also need YOU- the people of Mount Vernon to work with me to make it happen.

Real results are possible when those in office know that we are public servants. I know that my service is to you- not to special interests, not to those who do not have a stake in Mount Vernon, and most of all-not to myself. Service to Mount Vernon’s stakeholders has always
been my charge and it will continue to be.

This is what motivates me.

It is what I am passionate about… it is my purpose… it is my plan.
I am Lauren S. Carter and I am asking you to join this movement to help move Mount Vernon in the right direction.