Hi, I'm Lauren

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Lauren S. Carter is a parent, planner, and professional who was born and raised in the City of Mount Vernon, New York.  She is passionate about moving Mount Vernon forward; it is her purpose to help improve the quality of life for all; and she has a plan to get it done.


Like so many others in the community, Lauren is concerned about the uptick of violence in our city and she is alarmed about the allegations of police misconduct.  And just like many of you, Lauren has witnessed the city’s decline. 


Despite the city’s challenges, Lauren knows it can be great.  That’s why she is running to serve on the Mount Vernon City Council.  A professional planner, Lauren also served as Deputy City Clerk and she has the experience Mount Vernon needs- now more than ever- to move us out of stagnancy and to lift us out of decline.  Well versed in the City Charter and in the City Code, Lauren knows how Mount Vernon was organized to operate, has ideas on how to improve city operations, and knows the process to get it done.  


Lauren also worked for the Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Architectural Review Boards.  In this role, she was the liaison between board members, homeowners, business owners, attorneys, architects, developers, city consultants, and city departments for various projects.  She also worked with former staff of the Planning Department to complete the draft of the Comprehensive Plan.  

Whether working in the Planning Department or in the City Clerk’s Office, Lauren interacted with the public to address issues and concerns, and always interacted with each constituent with professionalism and efficiency. 


As a member of the City Council, Lauren will:


  1. Work to improve quality of life issues by encouraging the planting of new flowers, trees, community gardens, and other initiatives.

  2. Advocate for and fund the completion of the Comprehensive Plan and use her skills to help complete it.

  3. Improve public safety by funding our police department to receive effective training to investigate and solve cases and to interact with citizens.  She will also vote to fund the Civilian Complaint Review Board. 

  4. Enact policies to establish a responsible financial framework for the city.

  5. Maintain a commitment to the community by working on policies to help residents facing foreclosure and fostering a business-friendly community.


Lauren attended schools in the Mount Vernon City School District and graduated from Mount Vernon High School.  She graduated from Fordham University with a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in English and Political Science and is currently earning an Executive Master of Urban Planning from the University of Southern California.  Lauren will also seek her credentials as a certified planner (AICP) from the American Planning Association, of which she is a member.   She also visits the ill and elderly in hospitals and in nursing homes, and she also serves as a food pantry volunteer.  


Lauren has the experience, bold ideas, and the skills to help move Mount Vernon in the right direction but she can’t do it without you- the people.  She invites you to speak with her about your concerns, your issues, and your suggestions.  Be a part of the movement to move Mount Vernon in the right direction!